Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i am so mad i was supposed to have my splint out today but i didn't get it out cause my os said i have to change my wire at the ortho right after getting the splint out and my ortho couldn't get me a sooner appointment but on the bright side i am free of bands in the daytime forgot to ask the os about using my waterpik 


  1. Z3, I am using my waterpik. Sorry to hear you don't have your splint out yet. :-(

  2. awwww I'm so sorry to hear that; when can ur ortho squeeze u in? on the brightside it's better that the wire changes trust me after a while the wire gets really hard to come out n the brackets start to get loose n next thing u no, there's crowding smh >_< but jus hang in there
    ur almost done :) it'll be worth it

  3. aww thnxs the splint goes out on july 6

  4. oh and the wire wasnt changed they only took the elastics off


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