Wednesday, September 14, 2011


today has been exactly 4 months post surgery and i am happpy hey tina and mai how u guyz doin


  1. Glad to hear! Me, not so happy! I still have another 9+ months of braces ahead of me due to my surgeon putting my mouth back on totally slanted. I'll get there eventually!

  2. dont worry they will pass in a blink of an eye better than waiting to have surgery done

  3. That's so brilliant! I hope you are doing well and have healed nicely. Thanks for keeping up dated with me.It's so sad about Troy but let's just make sure we make the most of our freedom xxx

  4. heyyyyyyyy congrats =D ah ive been so busy to count down =O
    im wit tina, ive still got a long ride ahead of me "/ but we got this LOL
    whens the big day?


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