Monday, December 5, 2011

missed u guyz

Hey peoplz long time since my last post.i havent been posting because there r no changes.i just want to say to anyone still thinking about surgery to go for it.this surgery has made my life way better Hey missed u mai and tina  lol surgery buddies


  1. hey Z3! I'm sorry I wasn't there when you had surgery, I apparently wasn't following your progress so I didn't know you already had it. How did it go? I will check out your blog for more info!! So glad to see you on here. It's been awhile!

  2. its alright i hope ur feeling better and trust me ur going to love ur new u

  3. heyyyyy eeee sory ive been awall for a while; but im reading up and ahh its so great to hear ur doing good!! ur brace free and everything!! how does it feel to smile without em on??

    1. Lol the first week they seemed so big lol but now I think I can never pass a mirror without smiling lol I love my teeth


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